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Lifetime Memories - Unforgettable Experiences

We provide daily float and walk & wade guided trips.  No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided as part of our package.  We offer corporate and family packages.   Over 70% of our guests have not fly fished before.  By the end of the trip they are asking "why did we wait so long".

One of our specialty trips as seen in several magazines, we offer a 3-day back country trip into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  We also offer daily fly fishing trips into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  



This is our most common type of trip and is an excellent way for someone to get one on one training with a guide. 

We fish throughout Western North Carolina and North Georgia including the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  

 You will be provided with casting lessons, knot tying, fly and rod selection, rig setups, wading safety.  We evaluate the water flows prior to any trip to ensure your safety.

We fish up to 3 people per guide based on the anglers experience and their goals for the trip.  We do not mix groups.  Have a large party?  We can make if a day of memories with a shore lunch, individual casting lessons and specialized techniques such as Euro nymphing.  



Another option is our guided float trips.  No wading or hiking needed. 

You will be floating in a large 3 man raft that is specifically designed for floating our rivers.  This is a great choice for those with any type of limitations or concern on water safety. The rafts are equipped with life jackets, first aid kits and refreshments for the day.  Have a large group?  We have several rafts to take your group.

The guide will handle all of your needs and will provide instruction on all things fly fishing.  All equipment is provided.  

The scenery is beautiful along your trip.  Grab a friend, wife or significant other and enjoy your day on the water.



If you’re looking to explore something truly unique, come along with us on a magical 3 day camping and fishing experience in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  See the Park in a way very few do.  We will be in one of the most remote sections of the park.  The trip starts at Lake Fontana where we are transported by the famous Ms. Hazel to the mouth of Hazel Creek where we set up base camp.  

Our trips have been featured in numerous magazines including American Fly Fishing.

We offer 2/12 days of guided fishing.  We serve three meals a day and wrap up each day around the campfire.     

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